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Cortland Community Library

Agenda- Board of Trustees

April 13, 2016 at 7:15***

Cortland Community Library



Call to Order:† Review, Discussion and probable Action/Approval

Approval of Minutes of March 16, 2016 meeting

Approval of Expenditures and Treasurerís Report about March 2016

Acceptance of Librarianís Report about March 2016


Unfinished Business/ Discussion and possible action:

1.    Hearing of Citizens

2.    Discussion of patron survey and questions for survey

3.    Friends group Ödiscussion and possible framework

4.    Summer Reading plans

5.    Review of library policies;

6.    Addition to Unattended Children policy:


New Business/ Discussion and possible action:

1.    Proposal from Sikich for annual audit

2.    Report of Board Training at Hinckley Library (Mrs. Haier)

3.    Brief review of FY16-17 tentative budget

4.    Reciprocal borrower statement approval for next fiscal year

5.    Tax bill method approved for non-resident library cards for next fiscal year




***Please note revised date and time!