Agenda for August 20, 2014                                               posted July 22, 2014
Cortland Community Library Board
Cortland Town Hall     at 7 pm.

Call to Order:
Approval of Minutes of June 18 & July 16, 2014:
Approval of July 2014 Treasurer’s Report and Expenditures:
Acceptance of Librarian’s Report


Unfinished Business/ Discussion and Possible Action:

  1. Hearing of Citizens
  2. Librarians Working Together meet August 15
    1. 1000 Books Before Kindergarten
    2. System & local news
  3. Book Sale at Summer Fest
  4. Grants: applied for and/or received & expended
  5. Summer Reading progress report/  Heather Black
  6. Edge Initiative: report & further Board involvement
  7. Staff meeting schedule & defibrillator  discussion

New Business/ Discussion and Possible Action:

  1. Budget Review/ new formats to discuss with Mrs. Kramer
  2. Budget revisions: add in grant monies received & expenditures required by those grants
  3. Report on Prairie Cat Delegates Assembly meeting of July 30th
  4. Results & report of Staff training on July 18 with Beth Held
    1. What worked/ what didn’t
    2. Review circulation staff checklist created & how it is working as a

staff communication tool and work measure

    1. Future staff meetings needed to improve staff communication
    2. Revised Mission Statement:

“Cortland Community Library supports a lifelong enjoyment of reading and learning, through serving our community in a welcoming and respectful manner.”