Agenda for February 18, 2015                                                   Posted 2/3/2015
Cortland Community Library Board
Cortland Library at 7 pm.

Call to Order:
Approval of Minutes of January 21, 2015
Approval of January Treasurer’s Report and Expenditures
Acceptance of Librarian’s Report about January 2015

Unfinished Business/ Discussion and Possible Action:

  1. Hearing of Citizens
  2. LWT (Librarian’s Working Together) report
  3. Staff meetings/ rescheduled & topics
  4. March 13 staff training/ library closed
  5. FY2015 budget revisions to reflect DeKalb County Community Foundation Grant income & expenditures
  6. Tentative Budget 2015-2016 presented last month
  7. Possible changes
  8. Discussion and possible approval
  9. Policy discussion and possible approval of policies


New Business:

  1. Martha Carter running as a write-in candidate in April
  2. Possible Summer Meeting dates  (April thru Sept) changed to Fridays
  3. Snow removal for blizzard conditions/ handicapped issues/drifts blocking access to the library…
  4. Grants: reports & applications
  5. Library Book Sale during Town Garage Sale weekend…volunteers  needed
  6. Discussion of ideas/format for strategic planning
  7. Discontinue Zinnio magazine downloads/ lack of use/ not cost effective