Agenda for January 20, 2016 Meeting                                         posted Dec. 1, 2015

Cortland Community Library Board


Call to Order:  Review, Discussion and probable Action/Approval

Approval of Minutes of November 18, 2015 meeting

Approval of October, November & December Treasurer’s Reports and Expenditures

Acceptance of Librarian’s Reports about November & December



Unfinished Business/ Discussion and Possible Action:

1.    Hearing of Citizens

2.    DCNP Trustee Workshops

3.    On-line Trustee trainings thru RAILS

4.    Discussion of Patron Survey & questions for survey




New Business/ Discussion and Possible Action:

1.    Approval of Library “closed dates “ for 2016

2.    Policies for review, discussion and possible approval

3.    Discussion of Library programs