Agenda: Cortland Community Library Board Meeting for June 18, 2014

Posted May 22, 2014                                                         

revised June 10, 2014

Meeting to be held at the Cortland Town Hall at 7 pm.

Call to Order:

Approval of Minutes of May 21, 2014:

Approval of May 2014 Treasurer’s Report and Expenditures:

Acceptance of Librarians Report:

Unfinished Business/ Discussion and possible action:

  1. Hearing of Citizens
  2. Librarian’s Working Together
  3. Fundraising Ideas: Book Sales at Town events?
  4. Grants: applied for and/ or received
  5. Policy suggestions and review
  6. Summer reading plans & programs
  7. OMA certification for Board Members completed (?)
  8. The Edge Initiative:  discussion and review of  the “workbook”
  9. IPLAR/ annual report to the Illinois State library


New Business/Discussion and Possible /Action:

  1. “A Day in the Life of Cortland Library”
  2. “A Year in the Life of Cortland Library”
  3. Suggested topics & schedule for staff meetings
  4. Review and possibly approve job descriptions
  5. Review and possibly approve library procedures
  6. Budget review/ how is it working?  Possible revision of format