Agenda For May 16, 2012

Posted April 30, 2012


Agenda: Cortland Community Library Board

May 16, 2012


Call to Order:

Minutes of April 18, 2012

Treasurer’s Report about April 2012/ end of fiscal year Librarian’s Report about April 2012


Old Business:

  1. Hearing of Citizens
  2. Friends of Cortland Community Library
  3. Book Club
  4. website/Facebook Fan page
  5. RAILS updates
  6. PrairieCat update/ merge into new Sierra checkout system
  7. roof repairs
  8. grants/ DeKalb County Community Foundation
  9. Summer Reading information
  10. Miss Laura's Report
  11. Community Newsletter Progress
  12. Open Meetings Act certification reminder & collection for library file
  13. collect “statements of economic interest” for library file
  14. budget revision with new expenses, income & carry over from previous fiscal year

New Business:

  1. meeting in Malta with Phil Lenzini/ info about Open Meetings Act etc.
  2. annual report to town of Cortland
  3. annual report  (IPLAR)
  4. Illinois Funds Electronic payment availability for fine payments
  5. LWT cooperative pricing for HR consulting with Sikich
  6. Local Government Health Plan contract & pricing


Mission Statement: Cortland Community Library is committed to supporting a lifelong enjoyment of reading and learning. At Cortland Community Library patron needs drive our services, which are delivered in a welcoming and respectful manner.