Agenda for May 20, 2015†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† posted 4/16/15

Cortland Community Library Board

Cortland Library 7 pm.


Call to Order: Review, Discussion and Probable Action:

Approval of Minutes of March 18 & April 14, 2015

Approval of March 2015 & April 2015 Treasurerís Reports and Expenditures

Acceptance of Librarianís Report about April 2015


Unfinished Business/ Discussion and Possible Action:

1.    Hearing of Citizens

2.    Board members sworn in

3.    Board officers for FY 2015-2016/election (if needed)

4.    Librarianís Working Together Report

a.     Board Trainings

b.    Staff trainings

5.    Grants: applications and received

6.    Library Book Sale

7.    Fire Protection trainings

8.    Summer Reading

9.    1,000 Books Before Kindergarten

10.Policies to discuss & possibly approve


New Business/ Discussion and Possible Action:

1.    Volunteers needed for ďAmazing RaceĒ on June 20

2.    Budget revision to end FY 2015

3.    Budget revision for Budget for† FY 2016

4.    Discussion of finances and service implications of lower revenue

5.    Staff evaluations

6.    Goals for future improvements

7.    Board email/ location, access & passwords* (unfunded mandate)

8.    Lt. Governorís April visitÖtaskforce to investigate consolidation of government units