Agenda: Cortland Community library Board for May 21, 2014

Posted April 17, 2014 and amended April 29, 2014 & May 8, 2014
Revised & reposted May 12, 2014 & May 16, 2014

Meeting to be held at the Cortland Town Hall at 7 pm.

Call to Order:
Approval of Minutes of April 16, 2014:
Approval of April 2014 Treasurer’s Report and Expenditures:
Acceptance of Librarians Report and expenditures:

Unfinished Business/ Discussion and possible action:

  1. Hearing of Citizens
  2. Librarians Working Together/ Every Branch
  3. Fundraising ideas
  4. Grants: applied for and/or received
  5. Auditor’s policy suggestions to review and possibly approve
  6. Health Insurance policy for staff
  7. Director’s revised retirement & related issues

New Business/ Discussion and Possible Action:

  1. Discussion of Summer Reading plans for 2014
  2. OMA certification for Board Members: on file at library
  3. The Edge Initiative: who, what, when, where & why
  4. Plans for Summer Fest
  5. Annual Report to Town of Cortland
  6. IPLAR? Annual report to the Illinois State Library
  7.  Annual renewal statement for accepting reciprocal borrowers and using the tax bill method for non-resident fees(last approved May 15, 2013)
  8. Budget:  discussion of necessary cuts & possible revision of 2015 Budget to include carry over $$ in specific line items