Agenda: Cortland Community Library Board for  November 20, 2013--Revised


Meeting to be held at the Cortland Town Hall at 7 pm

Posted 10/24/2013

Reposted 10/29/2013
                                                                                                                                         Reposted 11/15/2013


Call to Order:

Approval of Minutes of October 23, 2013.

Approval of October's Treasurer’s Report and Expenditures.

Acceptance of Librarian’s Report about October 2013.


Unfinished Business/ discussion and possible Action:

  1. Hearing of Citizens
  2. Librarian’s Working Together report of Nov. 8 meeting with RAILS Director Dee Brennan
  3. Grants & their reports
  4. Cody Owen & technology progress (including Paypal)
  5. Fundraising  ideas for discussion and implementation/ Mr. Francisco
  6. Project to clean up back & south side of the building/ideas, discussion & project progress
  7. Levy report and revisions- actions required as discussed at Town Board meeting.
  8. Social Security policy for Cortland LIbrary to view, discuss & possibly approve

New Business/ discussion and possible Action:

  1. Revise current budget to include a separate line for the Audit in addition to "Professional Fees".
  2. Revise current monthly financial report to include a separate line for the Audit in addition to "Professional Fees".
  3. Discussion and vote to move money to our separate Self Insurance fund to pay for public safety repairs and building safety issues.
  4. Set date for fundraising committee meeting
  5. Compile brief agenda for fundraising committee meeting
  6. View newly purchased Mango languages program
  7. View & approve list of Library Board Meeting Dates for 2014
  8. Plans for 30th Anniversary of the Library in July 2014
  9. Summer Reading 2014 ideas & planning