Agenda Cortland Community Library

Meeting to be held in the Cortland Town Hall at 7 pm.

October 23, 2013 (one week later than usual)


Posted September 19, 2013

Amended September 30, 2013


Call to Order:

Approval of Minutes of September 18, 2013

Approval of September's Treasurer’s Report and Expenditures from September 2013.

Acceptance of Librarian’s Report about September 2013.


Unfinished Business/ Discussion and possible Action:

  1. Hearing of Citizens
  2. Librarian’s Working of Creston meeting with Phil Lenzini on 9/26 Barb Coward & John Francisco
  3. Grants & their reports:
    1. LSTA “Back to Basics”
    2. Per Capita application for new fiscal year
  4. Cody Owen’s technology ideas / progress report (includes Mango)
  5. Possible Paypal type feature for Cortland Library website : progress report
  6. Fundraising  ideas for discussion and implementation
  7. Report about Gutter & downspout repairs
  8. Project to clean up back and south side of building / ideas, discussion & project progress with possible vote & approval of various aspects of this project
  9. Report about Library & PTA joint participation in Cortland Parade


New Business: discussion and possible Action:

  1. 2014 Levy to be discussed and approved: vote required
    1. Building Maintenance & Operations Fund Levy
    2. Social Security Levy
    3. IMRF Levy
    4. Audit Levy
    5. Tort Judgments, Liability
    6. Library Fund (limited to .0030)
  2. Report of our participation in "The Big Read" with DeKalb Public Library
  3. Planning for National Library Week, April 13-19, 2014
  4. Possible Social Security Policy for Cortland Library / collect for book keeping reasons from employees and vendors. Discussion and possible approval.
  5. Report of PrairieCat Delegates Assembly July 31st meeting
  6. Marketing ideas & new bags (some for sale)
  7. Cortland Parade
  8. Cooperation with other organizations;  discussion as a Per Capita Grant requirement