Agenda Cortland Community Library

Meeting to be held in Library at  7pm.

September 18, 2013

Posted August 22, 2013


Call to Order:

Approval of Minutes of August 21, 2013 meeting.

Approval of August Treasurer’s Report and expenditures from August 2013.

Acceptance of Librarian’s Report about August 2013.


Unfinished Business/ Discussion and possible Action:

  1. Hearing of Citizens
  2. Librarian’s Working Together report
  3. Summer reading report / Heather Black
  4. Grants & their reports:
    1. Dollar General
    2. LSTA “Back to Basics”
  5. Cody Owen’s technology ideas progress report
  6. Possible Paypal type feature added to Cortland Library website
  7. Fundraising  ideas for discussion  &  implementation

New Business: discussion and possible Action:

  1. Report of September 17 Library Trustee meeting at Malta Library
  2. Estimates for gutter & gutter guard replacement: discussion and possible action in selecting a contractor ( who must be willing to fulfill all prevailing wage requirements as stated by law)
  3.  Discussion of project to clean up back of building and south side.  Options to be discussed and voted upon.
  4. Report of PrairieCat Delegates Assembly July 31st meeting
  5. Marketing ideas & new bags (some for sale)
  6. Cortland Parade
  7. Cooperation with other organizations;  discussion as a Per Capita Grant requirement