Cortland Community Library

Agenda—Board of Trustees

September 21, 2016 at 7:15 pm.

At Cortland Town Hall


                                                                                                            Posted August 24, 2016



Call to Order:  Review, Discussion and probable Action/Approval

Approval of Minutes of August 17,, 2016

Approval of Expenditures/Treasurer’s Report about August 2016

Acceptance of Librarian’s Report about August 2016


Unfinished Business/ Discussion and Possible Action:

1.      Hearing of Citizens

2.    Patron survey questions

3.    Outside water spigot & possible rain barrel

4.    Budget revisions (if needed)

5.    RAILS standards, progress if any

6.    LWT report (Librarian’s Working Together

7.    Grant reports




New Business/Discussion and Possible Action:

1.    Parade October 9th  (Theme = Salute the Troops)

2.    Official 2017 Levy & Budget to accompany levy

3.    Ryan Hilligoss resignation

4.    Candidates for appointment/possible Board appointment

5.    2017 Election for trustees…information about running

(terms ending for Harlan Hawkins, Martha Carter & Rich Bliss and Ryan Hilligoss replacement)