Meeting Minutes

April 18, 2018

Present:Mary Benson, Liz Blondell, Barb Coward, Vicki Haier, Marie Kornishuck, Judy Olsen

Absent:Rich Bliss

Meeting called to order by President Vicki Haier at 7:00pm

Minutes of the March meeting were read and approved by voice vote.

††††††††† Motion: Vicki Haier ††††††††† 2nd:Liz Blondell


       Report from March reviewed, discussed and approved by voice vote.

Motion:Marie Kornishuck†††† 2nd:Liz Blondell


       Report submitted and discussed.


No citizens present to address the board.

       Friends of Cortland Library/Go Fund Me pageóVicki has been contacted by an individual who is interested in potential fundraisers through Osbourne Books and Cards for a Cause.Part of the commission for these sales would be donated.Vicki will contact for further info.

       Grants-- $3315 from per Capita Grant to be spent by 8/15.

†††††††† $5337.50 from Illinois Public Library Per Capita Grant-for fiscal 2018 to be

†††††††††††††††††††††††† received in 2019.

††††††††† $4999 from a federal grant to be used to purchase four categories of books. These

†††††††††††††††††††† monies are in addition to budget monies.


       The current policy for unused staff vacation time had been no more than a 20 hour carry over to the next year.A discussion was held suggesting unused hours may be donated to a bank to be used by other staff members in the event of life catastrophes pending board approval.A motion to approve the policy pending revision was approved by voice vote.

       Heather will be filing paperwork to receive disability to cover the difference between part time and full time hours.She will be part time for a while possibly coming back full time in July.

       Community engagement-a discussion was held on ways and ideas to involve the community.The Osbourne book sale (previously mentioned) and percent of sales from restaurants were some of the suggestions.

       The board was encouraged to think of potential candidate for library trustree.

ADJOURNMENT:7:45 by voice vote.Motion: Marie Kornischuck2nd: Mary Benson