Minutes of the July 15, 2015 meeting of the Cortland Community Library Board:                                                                                                                                                                     corrected copy approved at August 19, 2015 meeting

Present:  Mary Benson, Martha Carter, John Francisco, Marie Kornischuk
Also present Barb Coward.
Absent: Victoria Haier, Harlan Hawkins & Ryan Hilligoss

Meeting was called to order at 7:04 by Acting President Mary Benson.  The minutes of June 9th were read and the spelling of Marie Kornischuk’s name was corrected. Martha Carter moved to approve the minutes as corrected, seconded by Mary Benson.  Voice vote was taken and all approved.

The Treasurer’s Report and Expenditures for June were discussed.  Marie Kornischuk questioned “carpet cleaning” and the expense was explained as a new stem mop for the hard surface floor.  Martha Carter moved to accept the financial reports, seconded by Marie Kornischuk. Voice vote approved the motion.

Only one page of the Librarian’s Report had printed; the missing page will be presented next month.  Marie Kornischuk moved to accept this report and Mary Benson seconded.  All approved.

No citizens were present to be heard.

Librarians Working Together is sponsoring a Trustee Workshop about changes to the Open Meetings Act from 9 -11 am at Hinckley Library on Saturday, August 8th.
John Francisco volunteered to attend.

Summer Reading has 300 small children and about 100 teens/adults participating.
Witness the “shoes” on the front south wall. Each shoe represents a young Summer Reading participant/

Over 30 “bees” represent the current sign up for our on-going 1,000 Books Before Kindergarten program.

Policy discussions tabled until more Board members present.

The Amazing Race lacked sign up and will be attempted again in the Fall.

There have been communication issues with our website developer, since she has moved and begun a full time job. 

A volunteer sign-up sheet was circulated for Summer Fest.  It will remain at the front desk as staff seek volunteers among our patrons and friends.   John Francisco has been actively seeking donations to offset the costs.  $800 has arrived at the library thus far.  John sees the need to call our participation something other than “Summer Fest” as businesses tell him they already gave (to the Parade & Festival Committee).  “All About the Kids Fest” was suggested as a “title”.


The Usborne “Pirate” Book Event generated $700 in free books (of library staff choice) for Cortland Library.  Thanks to Kim Dettman & her helpers!  She got donations from a new collection of supporters.

Staff have filled out self-evaluations and will meet individually with Mrs. Coward in September to discuss progress on their improvement goals.

DC Trash is now serving Cortland Library.  John Francisco got us a great deal.

Mary Benson graciously accepted Barb’s challenge to attend Non-Profit Day on July 29th.  Mrs. Coward paid for the library’s membership in DeKalb County Non-Profit Partnership…we are now members, so the meeting is “free”.

Larry Coward is investigating ways to get a discount on the needed sign replacement part.

The Edge Assessment will be sent in AGAIN before September ends.  This Assessment should show any changes since last year.

Board members and Mrs. Coward discussed how our library   “supports educational programs and training opportunities for our patrons”.   Basically we offer computer help at the moment of need, and post notices of more formal training at Goodwill.

Our role in resource sharing was discussed. Board members mentioned that staff encourage inter-library loans and help with them.  Mrs. Coward mentioned that we continue to buy numerous DVDs and CD Audiobooks; popular inter-library loan items.

John Francisco moved to adjourn at 8:12.  Second by Martha Carter.  All approved.
Meeting adjourned.


Respectfully submitted;
Barb Coward