June 9, 2015   Minutes   / Cortland Community Library Board

Present:  Board Members Mary Benson, Martha Carter, Victoria Haier, Harlan Hawkins, Marie Kornischuk.  Also present Barb Coward.
Absent:  John Francisco and Ryan Hilligoss.

The meeting was called to order at 7 pm. by President Harlan Hawkins.
The minutes of March 17th were reviewed.  Victoria Haier moved to accept the March 17th minutes, with a second from Harlan Hawkins.  Voice vote/ all approved.
The minutes of May 20th were reviewed. Victoria Haier moved to accept these minutes, with minor errors corrected, followed by a second from Marie Kornischuk.  Voice vote /all approved.

The May Treasurers Report and Expenditures were reviewed and discussed.
Harlan Hawkins moved to approve and accept this report, followed by a second from Martha Carter.  Voice vote/all approved.
There was no one from the public in attendance to be heard.
Upcoming “LWT” Board Trainings were listed and scheduled dates noted.
Discipline policies handed out last month were reviewed.  The Board members liked Section A for the general information with the addition of the two reporting forms.  Mary Benson voted to approve Section A of the Discipline Action Policy with the two reporting forms. Victoria Haier seconded the motion.  All approved.
The “Amazing Race” event may be cancelled due to lack of patron participation.
Summer Fest (August 15th) needs volunteers to sign up by August 1.
The web designer needs to continue improvements to the “Contact Board” link.
Cortland Library’s Facebook page is most helpful in publicizing activities and getting information out to our patrons.
Marie Kornischuk moved to adjourn, seconded by Martha Carter.
The meeting adjourned at 8:05 pm.