Cortland Community Library Board
Place: Cortland Community Library
April 18, 2012

Members present:  Mary Benson, Martha Carter, Maxine Divine, Christine Ferguson,
& Harlan Hawkins. Also present Barb Coward and Greg Kerr (public).

Absent: John Francisco and Carol Scidmore

Meeting called to order by Harlan Hawkins at 7:06.
Mary Benson moved to approve the minutes of March 2012. Second by Martha
Carter. All approved.
The treasurer's report about February 2012 was discussed. Martha Carter
moved to approve, seconded by Maxine Divine. All approved by voice vote.

The treasurer's report about March 2012 was approved. Motion to approve
by Harlan Hawkins, with a second from Christine Ferguson. All approved
by voice vote.

The librarian's report was from Miss Laura, about the March children's
programs, and increasing attendance in April. Mrs. Coward reported that
March saw 1,000 more patrons visit the library than during February.

Greg Kerr spoke during "hearing of citizens". His firm helps libraries
with the new state construction grants and also consults on roofing

Mary Benson moved to change the director's position to be under 999 hours
per year, or fewer than 20 hours per week. Harlan Hawkins seconded this
motion. All approved with roll call votes.

Mary Benson approved a photo release to be given to parents of children
participating in Summer Reading and other library activities. Parents
will be asked to give their permission for their child's photo to be used
in publicity via the press, library website, or Facebook Fan page. Mary's
motion was seconded by Harlan Hawkins. All approved.

John Francisco was not at the meeting to discuss his progress on repairing
the roof.

Harlan Hawkins made a motion that we continue to participate in reciprocal
borrowing. Mary Benson seconded. All approved.

Christine Ferguson moved that we participate in the non-resident fee
program using the tax bill method. Harlan Hawkins seconded and all

Mary Benson moved to raise the directors pay by $2 per hour. Martha Carter seconded. All approved by roll call vote.

Christine Ferguson moved to approve a Cortland Community Policy allowing
full time staff to roll over one week of unused vacation time into the
next fiscal year. Discussion was held. This policy currently applies to
4 staff members. Martha Carter offered the second, and the motion was
passed by roll call vote.

Board members were reminded to return the Statements of Economic Interest
to DeKalb County by May 1. They were urged to take the Open Meetings Act
training available at Attorney General Lisa Madigan's website.

Mary Benson moved to adjourn at 8:05. Seconded by Martha Carter and approved.