Cortland Community Library
61 S Somonauk Road
Cortland, IL 60112
Board of Trustees Meeting
August 21, 2013
61 S Somonauk Rd.
Cortland, IL 60112

President Pro-Tem Victoria Haier called meeting to order at 7:01. Shown present were Victoria Haier, Mary Benson, John Francisco, Marie Kornischuk and Ryan Hilligoss. Also present were Director Barb Coward and Cody Owen.

Mr. Francisco moved and Ms. Benson seconded a motion to approve the minutes of July 17, 2013. Unanimous voice vote carried the motion.

The Expense Report and Treasurer's Report for the month ending July 2013 was submitted for review and approval. The board discussed building maintenance needs including building gutters and downspouts and Mrs. Coward answered questions. Ms. Kornischuk moved and Mr. Hilligoss seconded a motion to accept the expense report and approve the treasurer's report as presented. Roll call vote: Yea: Trustees Haier, Benson, Francisco, Kornischuk and Hilligoss; Nays: none; absent: Trustees Carter and Hawkins; 5-yea, 0-nay, 2 absent. Motion carried.

The Librarian Report for July was submitted to the table and reviewed with the Board. Ms. Kornischuk moved and Mr. Hilligoss seconded a motion to accept the report as submitted. Unanimous voice vote carried the motion..

Unfinished Business:

Hearing of Citizens- There were no citizens to be heard.

Librarian's Working Together: Meeting at Creston library is scheduled. Common Core Curriculum discussed due to emphasis on non-fiction books in school districts and the impact this might have on the library.

Summer Reading Program: Heather Black to give report next month.

Dollar General and LSTA: This was a successful program with 100 more audio books added for both adult and young readers. The board discussed hanging signage for new audio books to attract more attention and traffic.

SummerFest Report: Was successful as there was a steady foot traffic during the day, the kids had a great time, and all of the prizes were given out before the end of the program. Better organization was suggested for next year with more delegation of duties, planning and execution.

Fundraising: The board discussed selecting specific projects to improve upon using fundraising monies. Discussion included the need for fundraising visuals in the library, possible projects to work towards include a general maintenance fund that could be used to repair or replace gutters or a concrete pad on the rear building.. Other items discussed included soliciting projects from community groups such as Eagle scouts and the long term goal of building a new library. Mrs. Coward advised she will research cost of a new gutters/guards. The concept of adding PayPal to the library website will be continued during future meetings.

Ms. Kornischuk moved to create a fundraiser for gutters and building maintenance and Ms. Benson seconded. Unanimous vote carried the motion. Board discussed the need to list each project to be completed and then create visual signage and install a donation lock box at library.

County Elected Official's Workshop: Attended by Mrs. Coward and Ms. Haier. Well attended by library board members from various districts within the county. A lot of material was presented during the workshop. Public meetings can be recorded and an organization's secretary can go back to use for meeting minutes.


New Business

Technology report and ideas/Cody Owen:

Many ideas and possibilities were presented by Mr. Owen and discussed by the board members including:

-Language learning software ie Spanish to English for patrons

-Patron desktop computers in facility are nearing usefulness and will need to be replaced due to video streaming, teleconferencing and new software. Need replacement within the next two years.

-Staff computers are nearing 10 years old and will need replacement ASAP.

-Techsoup organization donates to libraries and has been used in the past for windows and other software.

-Will need Acrobat pro for large section of patrons.

-Need to provide software being used at district high schools as students will come to the library to complete projects.

-Volunteer programs: ipads for seniors, word and excel, blogging, etc.

-Attempting to move towards paperless as much as possible.

-Providing typing software for children

-Providing password and login ID assistance to patrons to help assist with record keeping

-Switching providers for phone/fax/internet, possibly Ring Central

-Developing an "Ask A Librarian" type function through the library website

-Possibly upgrading printers and installing a public use printer


Due to limitations, the board unanimously agreed to table new business items 2-5 as posted on agenda until these items can be discussed during September's meeting.



Ms. Haier moved and Mr. Hilligoss seconded a motion for adjournment. Unanimous voice carried the motion. The meeting adjourned at 9:10 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted,

Ryan Hilligoss