approved 2/07/2011


Cortland Community Library Board Minutes

Place: Cortland Community Library

January 12, 2011

Members present: Maxine Divine, Mary Benson, Carol Scidmore, Harlan Hawkins and Martha Carter. Absent: Chris Ferguson and John Francisco. Also present: Barb Coward.

Meeting called to order by Maxine Divine at 7:00 p.m. Harlan Hawkins arrived at 7:03 p.m. and took over duties.

December 1, 2010 minutes read. Mary Benson made a motion to approve December 1, 2010 minutes. Maxine Divine seconded the motion. Voice vote and all in favor. Minutes stand as approved.

November 2010 treasurer's report reviewed. Mary Benson made a motion to approve the expenditures of $17,511.48 for November. Martha Carter seconded the motion. Roll call vote: Martha Carter-aye, Mary Benson-aye, Maxine Divine-aye, Carol Scidmore-aye, and Harlan Hawkins-aye. Motion carried.

December 2010 treasurer's report not available.

The librarian's report for November and December was presented. Short discussion.


Library Planning/Dr. Fred Schlipf - Nothing.

Hearing of Citizens - None.

Per Capita requirements - Tabled.

Friends of Cortland Library - Not meeting.

Book Club - Current book is Little Bee.

Fiber Optic/DATA grant - Nothing.

Sign - Complaints about the sign moving to quickly to read. Barb Coward has slowed it down.

Budget Issues & Updates - The levy amount was raised.

Website/Facebook Fan Page - Everything going fine.
System Merger/PALS + 4others - Nothing much to report. There is money for inter-library delivery until July 1, 2011.

PrairieCat status - Next meeting on February 25, 2011.

Report of conversation with Phil Lenzini - Phil Lenzini did not think it was good to have Shaklee on the library website.

Laconi membership - Paid to join Laconi.



Trustee Workshop May 14 @ Sycamore PL 9-12/Dan Cain. Please plan on attending. Peggy Wogen has planned the workshop. Cost is $70 for the entire board.

Library closed February 15 & 16/server upgrades in PrairieCat/staff workdays.

February 11 Summer Reading Kickoff @ Sycamore - Organized by Peggy Wogen. Laura Mesjek and Barb Coward will attend.

New laws & libraries as of January 1, 2011
Open Meeting Act requires pre-approved draft minutes available to public five days after each meeting. Current approved minutes sent to Nicole Dieckhoff.
Library employee evaluations no longer public documents
Board policy on public comment time/3-5 minutes per person & suggested topic limit for volunteer Boards.

Library staff do not "assist" with taxes/just point people to the IRS website.

Freedom of Information Request from Daily Chronicle for Board meeting dates/received December 29, 2010, replied December 30, 2010.

Mary Benson made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Martha Carter seconded the motion. The meeting was adjourned at 7:50 p.m.


Submitted by Carol Scidmore