Cortland Community Library
61 S Somonauk Road
Cortland, IL 60112
Board of Trustees Meeting
July 17, 2013
59 S Somonauk Rd.
Cortland, IL 60112

President Harlan Hawkins called the regular meeting of the Board of Trustees to order at 7:04pm. Shown as present were Harlan Hawkins, Mary Benson, Victoria Haier, Marie Kornischuk and Ryan Hilligoss. Shown absent were John Francisco and Martha Carter. Quorum was present. Also present was Barb Coward, Director.

Mr. Hawkins moved and Ms. Haier seconded a motion to approve the minutes of June 26, 2013. Unanimous voice vote carried the motion.

The expense Report and Treasurer's Report for month ending June 2013 was submitted to the table for review and approval. Mrs. Coward reviewed the documents with the Board and answered questions. Mr. Hilligoss moved and Ms. Haier seconded the motion to accept the expense report and approve the treasurer's report as presented. Voice vote: 5 to 0. Motion carried.

Mrs. Coward discussed the annual report to the Town of Cortland as revised on July 8, 2013. Mr. Hawkins moved to approve the librarian's vote and was passed with a voice vote of 5 to 0. Motion carried.

Librarian Report for the month of June 2013 were submitted to the table and reviewed with the Board. Mr. Hilligoss moved and Mr. Hawkins seconded the motion to accept the report. Unanimous voice vote carried the motion.

Unfinished Business:

Citizens to be Heard: There were no citizens to be heard.

Librarians Working together: Mrs. Coward reported that she attended the exhibit at McCormick Place on Saturday June 29, 2013 as part of the American Library Association Annual Convention. Mrs. Coward discussed one topic which is libraries in Illinois will take part in assisting patrons with Obama care.

Summer Reading Plans/Update: The program continues to be successful.

Per Capita Grant: Mrs. Coward presented a PowerPoint handout, What is Environmental Scanning. This is a required component for the Per capita Grant this year. Board members discussed SWOT analysis.

Strengths: The library is well respected within the community and by other libraries, professional staff and interlibrary loans.

Weaknesses: Library building and lack of funding

Opportunities: Back to Books Program and Lunch and Listen

Threats: Building conditions, unstable economy and low tax base, and personnel and policy guide.

Board members discussed the difference between limitations and weaknesses. A plan is in place to correct the personnel and policy area of weakness.

FY 14 Budget Revisions: Mr. Hawkins moved to approve budget revisions. Unanimous voice vote carried the motion.

Zinio Progress: Mrs. Coward reported that the magazine download project is going along. Patron can go to the link and download specific magazines (subscribed to by the Library). These magazines stay on the patron's device; they are not "on loan".

New Business

Dollar General Grant: Mrs. Coward discussed the use of the grant which is the new display of audio books on top of new shelving. The Lunch and Listen program was very successful.

SummerFest Update: Mrs. Coward passed around a sign-up sheet for volunteer hours for library.

Fundraising Solutions: Board members discussed ideas including the use of programs such as Kickstarter, or the Cortland Library website/Facebook page using PayPal service for donations. Board discussed possibility of having a lockbox at the desk for donations. Ms. Haier discussed asking for donations for specific projects.

Cody's Technical Ideas: Cody will attend the August 2013 Board meeting.

New Shelving & Rearrangement of the Library: Mrs. Coward reported the new shelving had arrived, was assembled and placed. This did cause some rearrangement of the space. They are hoping to not place books on the tops of these shelves so that they may monitor patron locations within the space.

County elected Official's Workshop in August 2013: Mrs. Coward provided information on units of Government annual seminar to be held on August 1, 2013 at the DeKalb Community Building. The seminar is open to any elected official in DeKalb County, Illinois.

Future Board Training's: Board members discussed future possibilities for training, including working with Creston Library and the possibility of understanding the law under which libraries are organized.


Mr. Hawkins moved and Mr. Hilligoss seconded the motion for adjournment. Unanimous voice carried the motion. The meeting adjourned at 8:52 pm.

Respectfully Submitted,

Ryan Hilligoss