Cortland Community Library
63 S Somonauk Road
Cortland, Il 60112
Board of Trustees Meeting
June 18, 2014
63 S Somonauk Road
Cortland, Il 60112


President Hawkins called the meeting to order at 7:05. Shown present were Martha Carter, Ryan Hilligoss, Marie Kornischuk, John Francisco, and Victoria Haier. Shown as absent was Mary Benson. Also present was Barb Coward, Anthony Brecia and Mike Hay


Minutes of May 21, 2014 meeting were read and discussed. Ms. Haier moved to accept the minutes, seconded by Ryan Hilligoss. Unanimous voice vote carried the motion.
The Expense Report and Treasurer’s Report for the month ending May 31, 2014 was submitted for review and approval. Mr. Francisco moved and Ms. Carter seconded a motion to accept the expense report and approve the treasurer’s report as presented.
Roll call vote:
Yea: Trustees Hawkins, Hilligoss, Carter, Kornischuk, Francisco, and Haier
Nays: none
Absent: Trustee Benson
6-yea, 0-nay, 1 absent. Motion carried.


The Librarians report for May, 2014 was reviewed. Discussed summer reading plans which program is set to begin June 14th due to late school release this year.


Unfinished business

Hearing of citizens- Anthony Brescia from Cortland Lions presented a check for $700 from proceeds of 2013 Ride For Literacy. Mike Hay, district manager for Waste Management, presented a check to the library for $5,000. Both groups advised the funds could be used at the director’s discretion.


Librarian’s Working Together- Next meeting not until August, 2014 which will be hosted by Cortland.


Fundraising: Heather is working on a design for a 30th anniversary t-shirt sale.
Grants:  Monsanto is giving $4,000 and will be present at July  8th to present the check and get photo taken during story time.


Policy suggestions and review:  Auxiliary meetings will continue to develop policy manual.

Summer reading plans and programs: Program started, 41 children at first story time, and weekly drawings for prizes.

OMA: Few members still need to complete the training and form.


EDGE initiative: to be tabled until next meeting so members can review material.


IPLAR: tabled for next meeting



New Business

Tabled until next meeting.



Ms. Haier moved and Ms. Kornischuk seconded a motion for adjournment, Unanimous voice vote carried the motion. The meeting adjourned at 8:39pm.


Respectfully submitted
Ryan Hilligoss