Cortland Community Library Board
Place: Cortland Community Library
May 16, 2012

Members present:  Maxine Divine, John Francisco, Carol Scidmore, and Mary Benson. Absent: Martha Carter, Harlan Hawkins, and Chris Ferguson. Also present: Barb Coward.

Meeting called to order by Maxine Divine at 7:10 p.m. 

April 18, 2012 minutes presented.  Mary Benson made a motion to approve the amended April 18, 2012 minutes. John Francisco seconded the motion. Voice vote and all in favor. Minutes stand as approved.

April 2012 treasurer’s report reviewed. Carol Scidmore made a motion to approve the expenditures of $21,394.11 for April.John Francisco seconded the motion. John Francisco-aye, Maxine Divine-aye, Carol Scidmore-aye, and Mary Benson-aye. Motion carried.

The librarian’s report for April presented and reviewed. Short discussion. Laura Mesjek's report was  presented.



Budget revision with new expenses, income & carry over from previous fiscal year - Mary Benson moved to approve the May 14, 2012 budget FY 2012-2013 revision. Carol Scidmore seconded the motion. Roll call vote: John Francisco-aye, Maxine Divine-aye, Carol Scidmore-aye, and Mary Benson-aye. Motion carried.

Hearing of Citizens – None.

Friends of Cortland Library – Not meeting.

Book Club – The group is reading 'Wench'.

Website/Facebook Fan Page - A photo will be posted of Kevin Buick presenting a grant check for $6,500 from DeKalb County Community Foundation to Barb Coward.

RAILS updates - No money to help us. Standards are lower in RAILS. Libraries are only required to be open 20 hours/week.

PrairieCat update/merge into new Sierra checkout system - Training of the staff next week for new checkout system.

Roof repairs - John Francisco is collecting bids for a new roof.

Grants/DeKalb County Community Foundation - The library received a check for $6,500.

Summer Reading information - Laura Mesjek continues to make plans for Summer Reading.

Community newsletter progress - Community newsletter will be published quarterly. The first issue will be sent in June. Sponsored by the church and co-sponsored by the library.

Open Meetings Act certification reminder & collection for library file - Board needs to get this done and print the certificate.

Collect 'statements of economic interest' for library file.



Meeting in Malta (7 pm May 31) with Phil Lenzini/info about Open Meetings Act etc. who wants to attend?

Annual report to Town of Cortland - Barb Coward read the report to the board.

Annual report (IPLAR)

Illinois Funds Electronic payment availability for fine payments - Barb Coward will look into this.

LWT cooperative pricing for HR consulting with Sikich - Barb Coward signed a contract with Sikich for HR consulting for $874.  This will help with many issues including the interviewing process.

Local Government Health Plan contract & pricing - For the staff.


Carol Scidmore moved to adjourn the meeting. John Francisco seconded the motion. The meeting was adjourned at 8:06 p.m.

Submitted by Carol Scidmore