Note To Ryan…Library address is 63 S. Somonauk, not 61



Mary Benson’s minutes from  January 15, 2014



President Pro Tem Victoria Haier called meeting to order at 7:04 pm.  Present: Victoria Haier, Mary Benson, John Francisco and Marie Kornischuk.  Also present Barb Coward

Absent:  Martha Carter, Harlan Hawkins, Ryan Hilligoss


Victoria Haier moved to approve the minutes of December 18, 2013.  Marie Kornischuk seconded this motion.  All approved.


The financial reports were not available.  They will be available at the next meeting.


Mary Benson moved to accept the Librarian’s Report about December 2013.  Victoria Haier seconded.


Unfinished business/discussion & possible action.

1.      Hearing of Citizens                         none present

2.      LWT  meeting was cancelled

3.      Fundraising ideas for the library were discussed. Use old cookbooks and ask for donations on the webpage.  John will check on the quilt raffle

4.      Project to cleanup back & south side of building was discussed

5.      Proposed storage shed on south  side of building discusses

6.      Discuss & possibly approve better name for special fund (tort  immunity) discussed

7.      Set dates for fundraising committee..tabled until more Board members in attendance

8.      30th Anniversary ideas tabled

New Business

1.      Possible policies…reviewed the Town Investment policy for possible approval next month

2.      Gather legal information from Phil Lenzini & discuss Mrs. Cowards future retirement …discussed with more information forthcoming

3.      Approve tentative budget for 2014-2015.  Marie Kornischuk moved and Victoria Haier seconded a motion to approve the 2014-2015 Tentative Budget as present. Roll Call vote.

4.      Mary Benson             yes

John Francisco           yes

Victoria Haier            yes

Marie Kornischuk      yes.      Tentative Budget approved


The audit report  arrived on January 15, 2014.  It was discussed and there were questions  Mrs. Coward will request an auditor attend the February meeting to answer Board questions.


Marie Kornischuk  moved to adjourn this meeting, John Francisco seconded.  All approved


Meeting adjourned at 8:05


Respectfully submitted

Secretary Pro Tem

Mary Benson