Meeting Minutes

June 20, 2018

Present:Mary Benson, Rich Bliss, Barb Coward, Vicki Haier, Marie Kornischuk, Judy Olsen

Absent:Liz Blondell

Meeting called to order at 6:58 pm by president Vicki Haier.

Minutes of the May 16th meeting were reviewed and approved by voice vote.

††††††††† Motion:Marie Kornischuk ††††††††† 2nd: Mary Benson


       Report from May was reviewed, discussed and approved by voice vote.

†††† Motion:Judy Olsen†††††††††† 2nd:Rich Bliss


       Report submitted and discussed.

       Barb Coward reported that the food truck may be returning on a regular basis and use the Lionís Den at the park.


       No citizen present to address board.

       Vicki Haier will contact a person who is interested in helping with fund raising.She will also look into a Sonic fund raiser (% of sales) as a possibility.

       Barb Coward reported that the $4999 grant has been received and reading material is being purchased and processed for use and encouraged for the summer reading program.

       A replacement is needed for the Preschool Storyteller.An ad will be placed in the local newspaper in July.

       There remains an opening for a 7th board member. We are looking for a candidate to fill the position.


       Community Engagement-Vicki Haier will contact local businesses (i.e. Caseyís, Dough Brothers) for participation in fundraisers (% of sales).

       Mary Aldis Memorial Garden-We will be looking to get the project underway.

       A discussion was held as to the possibility of using funds from the torte fund line for new shelving. Barb Coward will investigate the feasibility.

ADJOURNMENT at 7:48 by voice vote

††††††††††††† Motion:Rich Bliss†††††††††††††† 2nd:Mary Benson

Respectfully submitted,Judy Olsen