Minutes of Cortland Community Library Board October 19, 2016

Present: Mary Benson, Rich Bliss, Martha Carter, & Victoria Haier Also present: Barb Coward

Absent: Harlan Hawkins & Marie Kornischuk

The meeting was called to order by Vice President Victoria Haier at 7:27 pm.

The minutes were read. Victoria Haier moved and Mary Benson seconded approval of the minutes. All approved by voice vote.

The Expenditures and Treasurer’s Reports about September contained printing errors. Victoria Haier moved that we postpone approval until they can be corrected. All present agreed.

The librarian’s report was read and Mrs. Coward added information about the RAILS proposed standards.

There were no citizens to hear.

Mrs. Coward mentioned that the local “Librarians Working Together” group will be featured in the November issue of the ILA Reporter (Illinois Library Association monthly). This group is planning staff training for March 10, 2017, using a RAILS education grant. Cortland Library will participate in this training.

The 2017 Per Capita grant has been sent to the State Library.

Mrs. Black held a scarecrow making event on the Saturday of the Cortland Fall Festival. Six families participated. Mrs. Coward reported that we finally had enough candy for the Fall Parade! We had only 8 kids throwing candy, but the candy was divided into a bucket for each block. That made managing candy much easier!

Two new staff members have been hired. Jessica Bott has begun working as our new pre-school Story Time librarian. Danielle Bryant has taken a full time job with “Castle Bank”. Terry Kammes is learning to use the Sierra Database and will be replacing Danielle Donnelly, who left to be a full time teacher’s aide.

We are selling insulated coffee cups for $10 and their coffee will be $ .75 per cup with the Cortland cups. Coffee is a new service for Cortland Library.

The Board discussed ideas for staff recognition. Further discussion will continue next month.

Martha Carter announced she will be moving out of town, and resigning her position. We will have 4 Board openings at the April 4, 2017 election.

Candidates’ information packets are available from Mrs. Coward. Library Board candidates need a minimum of 25 voter signatures on their petitions. Petitions are due to the Town Clerk between December 12-19, 2016. We are looking for Interested candidates!

The list of 2017 Board Meeting dates and the 2017 Library closing dates was approved by Rich Bliss, with a second by Victoria Haier. All approved .

Victoria Haier moved to adjourn at 8:07, seconded by Martha Carter. All agreed. The meeting was adjourned at 8:07 pm.

Respectfully submitted, Barb Coward