Minutes of February 15, 2017 Cortland Library Board meeting:



Present: Mary Benson, Victoria Haier, Harlan Hawkins, Marie Kornischuk, and Rich Bliss


Absent: Martha Carter                      Also Present: Heather Black and Terry Kammes



The meeting was called to order at 7:05 by Harlan Hawkins. The minutes of January 18, 2017 were read and discussed. Mary Benson moved to approve the minutes, second by Rich Bliss. Voice vote resulted in approval by all.


The Expenditures and Treasurer’s Report about January 2017 was read. A discussion on dues and subscriptions was brought up about the month amount compared to the yearly total. There was overtime given and was noted by the board, overall the library is trying to avoid overtime. A discussion came up about fines and how they’re reflected in the Expenditures and Treasurer’s Reports. The library will write a check for fines and when a patron pays the fines that money is deposited into the checking account. Marie Kornischuk moved to approve the January reports, seconded by Harlan Hawkins. A roll call vote found that all Trustees approved these January financial reports.


There were no citizens to be heard.


LWT there are some training coming up and the board noted the newer building in Genoa.


Board election April 4th – Rich Bliss will be a write in.


Meet the candidate night – March 24th – sign-up at the library


Dollar General grant- Ms. Coward has written for this grant the last three year. She has been awarded it the last three years, we are hopeful that this will be a grant that the library receives to help with the summer reading program. The summer reading will be built around building and how to make the world a better place.


Joys and concerns - Harlan Hawkins thanked the library for the kind cards.


Meet Tarry Kammes – She introduced herself to the board. She loves working for library, Heather Black stated that the library loves having her work there and she’s been a perfect addition. The transition went well. Jessica Bott was not there; however Rich Bliss brought up that his grandson has taken to Jessica Bott and is enjoying story time with her.


A discussion was brought up about TIFF money. The town has approached the library about applying for the money to fix the library sign. At this time the sign would be fixed, not moved. We will revisit the TIFF money and what we might be able to use it for in the future.


Respectfully submitted, Victoria Haier