Minutes of July 20, 2016

Cortland Community Library Board

Present: Mary Benson, Victoria Haier, Harlan Hawkins, and Marie Kornischuk. Also present Barb Coward.

Absent: Rich Bliss, Martha Carter, and Ryan Hilligoss.

The meeting was called to order by President Harlan Hawkins at 7:05.

The minutes of June 15, 2016 were read and discussed, Marie Kornischuk moved to approve with Victoira Haier seconding the motion. All approved via roll call vote.

The Expenditures and Treasurer’s Report about June 2016 were discussed. The Board requested that Val Kramer attend our next meeting to clarify some items on the Profit/Loss Statement. Victoria Haier moved to approve the current statements with Marie Kornischuk seconding. All approved by role call vote.

The Librarian’s Report was read and accepted. There were no citizens to be heard.

The patron survey was postponed until Ryan Hilligoss can be present.

Mrs. Coward reported over 500 children and adults have signed up to participate in this Summer’s reading program. The bingo sheets and activities are a huge hit!

The Library Policies and Procedures document was discussed and Mrs. Coward will return it next month with some revisions for further discussions. This document is a work in progress.

Thursday “Lunch at the Library” will continue until the week before District #428 resumes school. An intern from the Voluntary Action Center has been staying with our group of under 20 participants. In August Library staff will need to supervise.

At this time, Mrs. Coward did not know the number of Cortland library card holders who attended yesterday’s event at the Chicago Botanic Garden. Further report in August.

Valerie Kramer will be asked to attend the August Board meeting to explain Profit/Loss and Budget questions. Possible budget revisions will be on the August agenda.

Mrs. Coward will bring exact wording of the Building and Maintenance Fund “ordinance”, as well as Levy information to the August meeting.

Dan Black will be asked for a plan and estimated cost for an outside water spigot. Staff will investigate rain barrels as an added source of water for garden plantings.

To Mrs. Coward’s knowledge, RAILS revised standards have not been released. They have not been discussed or approved by the RAILS total membership.

Mary Benson moved to adjourn, seconded by Marie Kornischuk. All voted in favor and the meeting was adjourned at 7:50 pm.

Respectfully submitted Barb Coward