Minutes of June 15, 2016

Cortland Community Library Board

Present: Mary Benson, Martha Carter, Harlan Hawkins and Rich Bliss. Also present: Barb Coward

Absent: Victoria Haier, Ryan Hilligoss, and Marie Kornischuk

The meeting was called to order by President Harlan Hawkins at 7:15 pm.

Rich Bliss, who was sworn in during the afternoon by Mrs. Aldis at Town Hall, joined the Board. His appointment was approved previously at the May 2016 meeting. We welcomed him to his first Library Board meeting!

The minutes of May 18, 2016 were read and discussed. Mary Benson moved to approve the minutes, seconded by Martha Carter. All approved.

The May 2016 Expenditures and Treasurer’s Report were read and discussed. Martha Carter moved to approve the financial documents, seconded by Rich Bliss. Voice vote was taken with all Board members individually approving the financials.

The Librarian’s Report was read and accepted. There were not citizens to be heard.

The patron survey was postponed until Ryan Hilligoss can be present.

Summer Reading is in full swing and progressing. Kids were in the back room for a Family Bingo activity, led by Danielle Donnelly.

Mr. Bliss spoke of his fondness for libraries and how he first came into Cortland Library. He relayed his fondness for Cortland Library staff and highlighted some of his experiences with other libraries, in Oswego, DeKalb, and Naperville.

The Board looked at the suggested computer privacy policy. Mrs. Coward stated that the policy came out of concerns to protect our staff from false accusations. Harlan Hawkins moved to approve the policy, seconded by Mary Benson. All approved via a voice vote.

Butterfly gardens and the life cycle of Monarch butterflies were discussed. Our garden, in memory of Mary Aldis, will probably not be planted until next spring.

Mrs. Coward reported that 13 children were fed at our first “Lunch at the Library” Thursday, June 9th. This program, through the Voluntary Action Center, was explained. Mr. Bliss talked about the previous program sponsored by the YMCA , at Cortland Park, last summer.

Cortland patrons have a special opportunity to go to the Chicago Botanic Garden on July 19th. Forty patrons will have free parking and admission to the Garden on that Tuesday. Tuesday evenings feature bands, etc. This opportunity will be advertised in late June/early July.

The Board move and approved adjournment at 8:10. Respectfully submitted,

Barb Coward