Minutes of June 21, 2017


Present:Mary Benson, Rich Bliss, Marie Kornischuk, and Judy Olsen .

Also present: Barb Coward

Absent: Victoria Haier


The meeting was called to order at 7:04 pm. by Vice President Marie Kornischuk.


The minutes of May 17, 2017 were read and corrected.The original minutes stated that Rich Bliss was sworn in in 2015; this was corrected to 2016.Mary Benson moved to approve the corrected minutes.Rich Bliss seconded the motion.All approved by voice vote.


In reviewing the May Expenditures and Treasurerís Report, the Board found an error in the posting of Mrs. Donnelleyís health insurance.Mrs. Coward will check the discrepancy with Mrs. Kramer, our book keeper and report back to the Board next month.This report will be again placed on the July 2017 meeting agenda.


The Librarianís Report about May was read and Mrs. Coward amplified some of her comments in the

report.The Board talked about the nature of the proposed $15 minimum wage for Illinois and its ramifications for the library.The Librarianís report was accepted.


No citizens were present to comment or address the Board.


Liz Blondell and Victoria Haier did not make this meeting, so Lizís appointment and swearing in as a Board member were postponed until July 2017.


The revised budget for 2017-2018 was presented to the Board.This is a revision of the 2017-2018 Tentative Budget the Board saw before Christmas 2016.†† The revision included the remainder amounts from the end of the last fiscal year, added to the Levied funds collected by DeKalb County for this coming fiscal year.†† Judy Olsen asked why there was a decline in the wages category.Mrs. Coward explained that she removed $5,000 from that category in reaction to a drop in anticipated tax income.The Tentative Budget was based on the Levy or $230,000 and the library levy will only be $220,000.


Rich Bliss moved to approve the Revised Budget for 2017-2018.July Olsen seconded his motion.A voice vote resulted in all approving this budget.


In the absence of Victoria Haier, we moved to postpone discussion of the Friends group until July.


Mrs. Coward reported that LWT group Board Trainings will be in August and October, of special interest to newer Board members.She reported that the Dollar General funds have been spent on new rebound books with water resist cover (great for younger readers!).


The free lunch program thru VAC has been attended by up to 20 children.This program is at Cortland Library due to the 60% free lunch eligibility at Cortland Elementary School.Mrs. Coward reported that library projects are going well.


Mary Benson moved to adjourn and Rich Bliss seconded the motion.The meeting adjourned at 7:46.

Respectfully submitted