Minutes Of March 15, 2017 Cortland Library Board meeting:



Present: Mary Benson, Victoria Haier, Harlan Hawkins, Marie Kornischuk;   Absent: Rich Bliss   Also Present: Barb coward


Harlan Hawkins called the meeting to order at 7:03. The minutes of February 15, 2017 were read and discussed. Mary Benson moved to approve the amended minutes, second by Marie Kornischuk. Voice vote resulted in approval by all.


The Expenditures and Treasurer's Report about February 2017 was read. A discussion on the fiber optic yearly fee was noted. A question about the laser ink came up and it was noted that the library is in a program that is alerted when the ink; is getting 10w and a new

one is sent out. A roll call vote found that all Trustees approved these February financial reports.


The Librarian's Report was accepted. There were no citizens to be heard.

LWT - Barb stated that: the meeting was really good. It is also noted that she wrote a personal Check for this and will be getting reimbursed. The first speaker discussed library quality reports nationwide. They would like surveys to be handed out after every program. Many of our parents don't have time after a program to fill out a survey.  Another program that was attended was about internal personnel culture. Barb thought it was fun and interesting. She was also thinking about possibly having more staff meetings; maybe lunch meetings.

Jessica attended a STEM program and has some new thoughts and ideas; she has more information.


Board election April 4th - Mid-Week has the ballot line up.

Meet the candidate night -  March 24th -   sign-up at the library

RAILS cooperative Grant; we did not receive it this year.

The board accepted Martha Carter's resignation.


Dollar General grant- Mrs. Coward has written for this grant the last three years, she has been awarded it the last three years, the library will not know until May.


Planning for the future - the library would like to Plan on trying to get more employee's into IMRF- This would help employees with retirement.  Something else to consider for the future is being open on Sundays; that will not happen for quite some time.


Budget for 2017-2018 - the town booking wanted to see the library's already approved tentative budget, the board agreed to letting the town booking look at it.


scrapbooking will be starting on Saturday afternoons.


Mary Benson made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 7:15pm, Marie Kornischuck seconded

the motion.


Respectfully submitted, Victoria Haier