Minutes of May 17, 2017

Present:Mary Benson, Rich Bliss, Victoria Haier, Marie Kornischuk, Judy Olsen

Also present; †††Barb Coward, John Francisco & Harlan Hawkins


The meeting was called to order at 6:58 pm.

The minutes were read. Mary Benson moved to approve the minutes, seconded by Victoria Haier. All approved.

John Francisco and Harlan Hawkins were thanked for their years of service on the Library Board.Conversation and cupcakes ensued.

After John and Harlan left, the Financial Reports and Expenditures for April 2017 were discussed. There were some questions, which should be answered by next month. Rich Bliss moved to approve these reports, seconded by Victoria Haier. All approved by voice vote.

The Librarianís report was read, discussed, and accepted. This April report was the FY 2016-2017 Annual Report for the Town of Cortland.

There were no members of the public to speak.

Newly elected Trustee Judy Olsen was sworn in and welcomed to the Library Board.Rich Bliss was also welcomed to his elected 6 year term, following his write-in candidacy.Rich had been sworn in previously, upon his appointment to the Library Board in 2016.

Board Elections resulted in Victoria Haier chosen as President, Marie Kornischuk as Vice-President and Mary Benson as Treasurer.Since we need 2 more members, the Board decided to wait and see if one of our future appointees would like to be Secretary.

Board members were reminded that they each need to complete the Illinois Open Meetings Training once.Judy Olsen turned in her certificate of completion.


Barb Coward mentioned the visit from leaders of the NIU Jerry Johns Reading Clinic, as they met with community leaders as part of their Strategic Planning process.


Budget revisions were tabled until next month.There were no policy additions or revisions this month.


Heather Black has planned most of Summer Reading, which begins June 3rd.


Barb Coward reported that PrairieCat delegates voted to renew the Innovative Interfaces computer system contract for an additional 5 years.


She also reported that our library has received the Dollar General Summer Reading Grant for 2017.

Victoria moved to adjourn, seconded by Marie.All approved and we adjourned at 8:07 pm.

Respectfully submitted