Minutes of November 16, 2016

Present: Mary Benson, Rich Bliss, Victoria Haier, Marie Kornischuk & Harlan Hawkins. Also present: Barb Coward & Valerie Kramer

Absent: Martha Carter

The meeting was called to order by Vice President Victoria Haier at 7 pm. All Trustees agreed to begin with financial reports, as Mrs. Kramer needed to leave early.

Mrs. Kramer explained the budget and expenditure sheet, which were in “cash” accounting this month, due to a computer error. The reports from September were examined and discussed. Victoria Haier moved to accept and approve the September reports, seconded by Marie Kornischuk. After a voice roll call vote, the September reports were approved.

The October reports were examined. The Jan-Way entry was explained as the cost of Cortland Library tote bags given to new patrons. CNN Surety was found to be the expense for our state mandated Treasurer’s bond. After discussion, Marie Kornischuk moved to approve the expenditures, seconded by Rich Bliss. Voice roll call vote resulted in approval by all Trustees.

Mrs. Kramer and the Board discussed employee appreciation ideas. Mrs. Coward will carry this through in December. Mrs. Kramer left at 7:30.

Harlan Hawkins directed the Board to discussion of the October 19, 2016 minutes.

Mrs. Coward noted that candidates will turn petitions into the library, not the Town Clerk. Mary Benson moved to approve the minutes as amended, seconded by Harlan Hawkins. The minutes were approved by unanimous vote.

The Librarian’s report was read and discussed. The comparison of our checkouts to neighboring DeKalb County libraries was highlighted. Our two new staff members, Terry Kammes and Jessica Bott, are wonderful additions to the Cortland Library family.

The Board agreed to cancel the scheduled December meeting. The next Library Board meeting will be January 18, 2017.

Mary Benson moved to adjourn, seconded by Marie Kornischuk. All approved. The meeting was adjourned at 8 pm.

Respectfully submitted, Barb Coward

Secretary pro tem