Minutes of September 21, 2016 Cortland Community Library Board

Present: Mary Benson, Rich Bliss, Martha Carter, Harlan Hawkins & Marie Kornischuk. Also present Barb Coward

Absent: Victoria Haier & Ryan Hilligoss.

The meeting was called to order by President Harlan Hawkins at 7:18 pm. The minutes of August 17, 2016 were read and discussed. Mary Benson moved, seconded by Harlan Hawkins, to approve the minutes. All approved.

The Expenditures and Treasurer’s reports about September were perused and discussed. Marie Kornischuk noted the NICOR bill and Harlan Hawkins noted the unusal hour of overtime. Both items were explained to the Board’s satisfaction. Marie Kornischuk moved, and Martha Carter seconded the acceptance of the financial reports. All approved via roll call vote.

There were no citizens present to “hear”.

Discussing the patron survey, the Board came to consensus that a “suggestions” or “comments” clipboard be put out for patron use and checked monthly.

A $500 donation from Power Equipment did not require a budget revision; donations have not yet exceeded anticipated donation revenue.

Dan Black’s estimate to install an outside faucet was discussed and approved. A rain barrel will wait until spring 2017.

The RAILS standards will be discussed on September 29th in Sycamore. Mrs. Coward will attend and report next month.

Harlan Hawkins moved, with Marie Kornischuk seconding, that the official Levy for 2017 will continue to be $230,780, as previously discussed. All approved via voice vote.

Ryan Hilligoss tendered his resignation. Mary Benson moved, with Harlan Hawkins seconding the acceptance of Ryan’s resignation. He will be missed.

There will be 4 openings for Library Board during the 2017 elections. Martha Carter and Harlan Hawkins indicated they choose not to run again.

Due to a new Illinois law, the Board examined a “tentative policy for reimbursement to staff and government officials”. After discussion and adjusted financial limits, the policy will be added to the October agenda, for formal deliberation and probable acceptance.

Rich Bliss moved to adjourn, seconded by Mary Benson. The meeting adjourned at 8 pm.

Respectfully submitted, Barb Coward