Agenda For October 24, 2012

Revised Agenda:  Special Meeting of the Cortland Community Library Board to discuss and approve Levy for Fiscal Year 2013

Posted October 22, 2012


Agenda: Cortland Community Library Board

October 24, 2012


Call to Order:

Minutes of previous October meeting

Review of September 2012 Treasurer's Report

Librarian's Report


Old Business:

  1. Hearing of Citizens

New Business:

  1. Discussion of needed funds for budgeting for next year
  2. Discussion and approval of Operations and Maintenance Levy.
    1. discussion of funds needed
    2. pass this specific levy fund request
  3. Approval of total Levy amount
  4. Approval of tentative separate Levy fund requests:
    1. Operations and Maintenance (item 2)
    2. IMRF
    3. Library fund
    4. Audit
    5. Tort Judgments, Liability
    6. Social Security


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